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Our dainty digits wouldn’t be nearly as dexterous without the aid of nails, which we innately possess to defend the tips of our toes and fingers from harm. Composed of a protein called keratin, these hard plates provide us with an additional tool for grasping onto things.

Outfitted with a total of ten nails, each hand of the average human boasts five. The most prominent of these is the broad nail found on the thumb, while the faintest is situated on the pinky. If one peers inbetween those two, they will find that the middle finger nails are typically comparably sized to those of the thumb.

In order to provide protection, the top portion of a nail is equipped with a resilient outer layer; known as the nail plate. This is constructed out of a collection of hardened keratin cells, which are dead by nature. However, underneath the nail plate lies a living tissue referred to as the nail bed; consisting of a web of blood vessels, nerves, and soft material.

From the very base of the nail plate, a nail begins to sprout. As fresh cells form and divide, they move outward, pushing their antecedents ahead of them. Over time, these earlier cells harden and lose their life until transfiguration through mitosis is complete.

Each month you may find your nails have grown by approximately 3 millimeters, and while every nail might defend itself from dirt and damage in a similar fashion, it’s worth noting that your toenails will grow slower than your fingernails. Additionally, the growth of your nails can be determined by season, with a more noticeable growth rate during the summer months compared to wintertime.

The hues of nails are governed by the blood vessels that inhabit below the nail bed. Ranging from pink, red, to white, these colors are the most frequent, however there’s always a chance for an unexpected tinge.

Among the many curves and contours of the nail, oval is the most popular expression. However, there’s room to experiment with other shapes which can range from round, square, and almond-shaped.

Nails come in various textures, ranging from the smoothness of satin to the roughness of sandpaper. Some are hard like iron while others are delicate and soft.

The size of nails can vary; some will be nothing more than a stub, while others can reach impressive lengths.

Possibilities for your nails are limitless; they might be plain in hue, or they might be decorated with stripes, dots, or any other pattern you could dream up.

Nail issues may occur for various reasons, whether it’s due to an infection, a medical condition, or an accidental wound.

Issues That Can Bei Affecting Your Nails

If your nails are causing you trouble, it might be best to seek help from a medical professional; either a doctor or a dermatologist could likely offer solutions.

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