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drywall drywall
drywall screw drywall screw
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dry wall nail dry wall nail

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Product Information:   Product Name Screws Drywall Nail Material Carbon steel C1022a Color Black,Galvanized Standard ISO,GB,DIN,JIS,ANSI,BSW Diameter M3.5-M6.3, 6#-14# Length 11mm-175mm, 5/8′-7′ inch Surface finish Black phospha……

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Product Information:


Product Name Screws Drywall Nail
Material Carbon steel C1022a
Color Black,Galvanized
Diameter M3.5-M6.3, 6#-14#
Length 11mm-175mm, 5/8′-7′ inch
Surface finish Black phosphate plated,zinc plated
Thread Code Full thread and half thread,fine thread and coarse thread




Packing Details Carton;bag;Carton+pallet; Bag+ pallet
Delivery Details We have some rugular sizes in stock that can send it to you more earlier, so you don’t have to wait the lead time.
Payment term 30% in advance by T/T,70% against with copy of B/L.
Delivery time within 15-30 days after receive customers’ deposit.


Drywall screw
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Drywall screws are divided into double-line fine-tooth dry-wall screws and single-line coarse-tooth drywall screws. The biggest difference between the two is that the thread of the former is double-threaded, which is suitable for the connection between gypsum board and metal keel with a thickness of no more than 0.8mm. The latter is suitable for the connection of gypsum board and wooden keel. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, lightweight partition walls and ceiling ceiling series.


Drywall screw



We’re thrilled to introduce our top notch Drywall Screw collection – a versatile assortment designed to meet the installation needs of various gypsum boards and lightweight partition walls. Our lineup comprises both double line fine tooth drywall screws as well as single line coarse tooth drywall screws – each offering distinctive benefits.

The double line fine tooth drywall screws excel at connecting gypsum boards and metal keels up to 0.8mm in thickness. Thanks to their dual thread design they offer a firm connection that endures intense pressure while preventing the risks associated with loose panels or detachment altogether. Crafted from premium materials these sturdy fasteners can tackle demanding installations effortlessly – be it by professionals or DIY enthusiasts. Our Drywall Screw collection also includes single line coarse tooth fasteners that work well when joining gypsum boards with wooden keels.

Our Drywall Screw collection boasts a unique design that eliminates slipping or loosening issues providing a secure connection between gypsum boards and wooden keels during installation projects. Various screws sizes cater to different thicknesses and lengths of materials required during the process ensuring versatility when working on any project size. The screws have an extended shelf life guaranteeing reliability over multiple installations thus being an investment worth considering.
Quality is paramount while Manufacturing our drywall screws as we use premium materials resulting in their durability; strength; longevity properties essential attributes needed for proper construction work.

Every screw undergoes rigorous testing according to industry standards before approval ensuring safety assurance for users concerning its usage.
Bulk packaging offers significant cost savings without losing quality helping contractors or DIY enthusiasts save money while still acquiring top quality products from us.
Our Drywall Screw collection is incredibly easy to use making it suitable for novice or professional installers.

Their design ensures quick and effortless insertion with tightening resulting in faster installation time and minimal mistakes.
Our collection caters to all your construction needs as you install gypsum boards on metal or wooden keels without encountering any issues with performance. As we conclude this review, its clear that our Drywall Screw Collection is indispensable for anyone seeking high caliber screw fasteners that are reliable and long lasting for installing gypsum boards or partition walls firmly into place.

Our compilation comprises double line fine tooth drywall screw options alongside single line coarse tooth options ensuring secure fitting jobs with no compromise on durability or dependability whatsoever. So don’t wait too long; order the Drywall Screw Collection today for a smooth and easy installation experience!


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