common nail and skin conditions with alcohol abuse


Regular heavy drinking can cause several issues to appear gradually on or near your nails and skin. Typical signs may include cracked nails, a lack of moisture in the epidermis, and deepening creases due to accelerated aging.

All too often, alcohol abuse takes its toll on the body in myriad ways – one of which appears as brittle nails. Defined by dryness and a lack of flexibility, these nails can easily break or cleave into pieces at the slightest of impacts. The cause of this state of affairs is usually ascribed to the dehydration that is a frequent side effect of indulging in excessive drinking.

Drinking too much alcohol can be detrimental to one’s skin health, with dryness and flakiness commonly being the result. This often results in unattractive physical features, like premature aging and wrinkles, that may persist for a long time. Furthermore, the risks of developing skin cancer may be heightened, further highlighting consumption of alcohol as an indisputable source of damage to one’s skin.

Those with a history of alcohol abuse are often afflicted with an aged appearance due to the destruction of skin and collagen. Unsurprisingly, telltale wrinkles tend to surface and result in a prematurely aged countenance. Fortunately, after forgoing alcohol, the damage can oftentimes be reversed.

If you’re in a battle with alcohol addiction, there are tools that can make the journey of recovery easier. Reaching out for support from Alcoholics Anonymous and other resources is a great place to start on the path to sobriety.

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