common disorders of the nails


Produced from the same protein as hair and skin, nails grow from the nail matrix at the base. This nourishment center is full of blood vessels and neural pathways, aiding the growth rate of approximately 3mm per month.

Nail Ailments: The Usual Suspects

Those with weak nails are all too familiar with the plight of living with brittle nails – overly dry, thin and prone to breakage. When nails lack moisture, vitamins and minerals, as well as exposure to harmful chemicals, they become remarkably weak.

A fungal infection has caused an unsightly transformation of the nail for many people, known as Onychomycosis -or nail fungus. This is characterized by peculiar discolouration, thickness, and crumbling of the nails. Those who have diabetes, a weak immune system or sweat excessively are particularly vulnerable to this condition.

In some cases, the side of a nail can embed itself into flesh near the finger or toe. When this happens, it is known as an ingrown nail. In many instances, this is due to faulty nail trimming, snug shoes, or trauma to the nails.

An absence of moisture, inadequate nutrition, and contact with severe chemicals can cause nails to split.

Dull, yellowed nails can be a tell-tale sign of an underlying cause, whether it’s from smoking, nail polish, certain medications, or as a warning of a more serious health concern, such as liver disease. In all cases, it is worth examining why one’s nails have taken on an unnatural hue.

Vividly noticing white spots on your nails can be a cause of concern, however, these specks are usually just caused by accidental damage inflicted on the nail. Unfortunately, they can also indicate the onset of an underlying issue such as infection or a lack of some vitamins.

If you believe you may suffer from any of these issues, it is advisable to consult with a medical doctor or a skin specialist to uncover the root of the difficulty and receive suitable treatment.

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