do dogs nails wear down on concrete


From small, medium, to large – all kinds of dogs are shining stars of loyalty, friendliness, and joie-de-vivre in our daily lives. Being such social and active animals, these pooches need special care and concern in terms of their grooming. One aspect that particularly demands attention is their claws. Knowing whether canine nails wear down naturally on concrete or need regular trimming is key to maintaining their health and comfort.

Does your pup take to the pavement for daily jaunts? If so, you may be wondering whether it has an effect on their nails. The truth is, yes – in moderation. A dash along a rough surface such as concrete or asphalt can help to reduce nail length over time. However, regular trimming remains a must-have for canine nail care.

Paws and claws are an integral part of dog anatomy; as their nails continue to steadily grow, regular trimming is needed to keep them healthy and in tip-top shape. Without holding the paws in check, dogs may suffer from overly long nails that can cause splintering, tearing, and — worse yet — growing into the pads of their feet. Not only is this incredibly uncomfortable for your pet, but it can also result in scratches on your wood floors or scuffs on the furniture thanks to your pup’s penchant for clawing around. With a bit of regular maintenance, your pup’s talons can remain well-groomed and happy!

To keep your furry pal hands-off when it comes to discomfort and pain, make sure their claws are kept at just the right length. Regular pruning is a way of reinforcing good behaviors and letting your pup know that a nail trim is positive. With a little bit of preparation, you can help to cut down your canine’s stress level during visits to the groomer and make these grooming sessions part of their regularly scheduled care.

To accustom your pup to having their claws snipped, proceed step-by-step for as long as is necessary. Begin by familiarizing them with touch, giving a reward after they allow your hand near their paws. Afterward, present a pair of clippers for them to observe and sniff; when they are comfortable, snip off a miniscule length and offer them lavish praise and a treat. Gradually increase the amount you trim as the weeks pass until your dog is comfortable with their trimming routine. If done gradually, nail trimming need not be so daunting and will soon be tolerated by your tail-wagging companion.

To sum it up, engaging in running or walking activities on concrete with your dog can help their nails gather a bit of wear and tear, but not quite enough to maintain trimmed nails. Regular clipping, along with the outdoor adventures on pavement-like grounds, can be beneficial in order to keep your pup healthy and energized. It is essential that the pet parent puts time and dedication into their pup’s nail care as it can help prevent discomforts and suffering for your canine companion. With a patient hand, you two will get accustomed to the practice of trimming nails, making it a nourishing ritual that you and your pup can look forward to.

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